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Audi NEQ 2024 Driving School Gift Certificate

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About this event

Surprise that special person in your life with a gift certificate to an NEQ Audi Club High Performance Driver Education School for a thrill of a lifetime.

Valid for any school, recipients will get to drive their cars on a legendary race track for one or two days with one our NEQ's experienced instructors in the right seat.  

Upcoming 2024 Driving Schools:

  • JAN: Lime Rock Park FCP Proving Grounds - Winter Car Control Clinic,  Sat Jan 27
  • MAY: Lime Rock Park, CT - Driving School, Thu-Sat May 16-18
  • JUN: Palmer, MA- Driving School, Mon-Tue June 17 & 18
  • JUL: Club Motorsports, NH - Driving School, Mon-Tue July 15 & 16 -
  • AUG: Watkins Glen, NY - Driving School, Mon-Tue August 12 & 13
  • SEP: NJMP Thunderbolt, NJ - Driving School, Mon-Tue September 16 & 17

You will be sent a certificate with a personal discount code in the value purchased that the recipient can use to redeem their gift certificate amount. 

How Much Should I Give

Gift certificates are available in $50 denominations. 

Example Driving School Costs:
Please note: costs vary slightly by location
- $400-$500 for a one-day school 
- $650-$750 for a 2-day track driving school.

All fees include entry into school, full-time in-car instruction and classroom instruction.

What does the gift look like

Gift certificates are available in $50 denominations.  Gift certificates are all EMAILED to the address email address you input during the registration process. The certificate will be emailed within 24-48 hours (it is manually created with your unique discount code - this is not automatic)

Certificate Example

Event FAQ's

What is a High Performance Driving School?

The purpose of a driving school is quite simple: to improve your driving skills. We conduct the school on a racetrack under the close supervision of experienced and trained instructors. You will learn how to handle and control your vehicle at speeds not normally attained on public roads. This will help to prepare you for emergencies in normal driving. It will also allow you to explore your capabilities as a driver and those of your vehicle in a controlled environment. At no time will you be pushed or encouraged to go any faster than is comfortable. All participants will be organized into run groups in accordance with experience, skill, and type of vehicle.

What you learn on the track depends on your driving skill. Beginners are taught driving style (smoothness, consistency, the ability to read the track), more experienced participants continue to work on consistency, while developing new skills such as trail braking and threshold braking.

For the most experienced drivers, you can be “signed off” and drive solo when you have proven to your instructor and the Chief Instructor that you understand the basics of high speed driving, you can consistently drive the correct line, and you show proper etiquette on track. Maturity, good judgment, skill, and significant experience will lead to being signed off for solo driving.

Though you are on a racetrack, with other drivers of similar driving skills, it is not a race. Passing in corners is not allowed, and you are not expected to shift at redline, or go screaming through each corner with the tires squealing. Safety of the event is of the utmost importance. Driver conduct will be diligently monitored throughout the day by the staff, instructors, and corner workers.

Track Time

You will have four on-track sessions each day that are 25-30 minutes each. At the end of the 2-day event you will have had almost 4 hours on-track over the two days.


Your day is divided between driving on the track, classroom sessions, and free time. Yes, this is a school, and there is mandatory classroom time. All participants are required to attend classroom sessions throughout the day to learn vehicle dynamics and driving techniques.

In the classroom, you learn a lot of high speed driving theory. Learn about the difference between an early and late apex. You’ll get a better understanding of car dynamics so you understand what is really happening when you brake or why your car understeers or oversteers in certain circumstances. Each classroom will also include an opportunity for Q&A.

Do I need to own an Audi?

We welcome all makes of cars  -- you don't have to drive an Audi to enjoy our events.  This school is an excellent way for you to improve your driving skills and have fun too!

All participants must simply be members of the Audi Club of North America (ACNA).  There is a $49 fee for annual membership. To join or update your membership, please go to the ACNA website ( and click on "Join ACNA" at the top of the page.

First Time Students

Our club is a friendly community of individuals who share a passion for driving their cars.

We know what it’s like to drive on a race-track for the first time and we customize your experience to make it an enjoyable as possible. We love welcoming first-timers to our events and we have a good number of first-timers at each one – you will not be alone.  Your novice classroom teacher and your personal instructor are ready to make you comfortable and give you the tools and confidence to enjoy driving your car on the race-track. Don’t forget – this is not competition driving. There is no overtaking in corners or racing other cars. This is all about having a safe and enjoyable experience.

We have some restrictions on driving convertibles and you will need a helmet. Requirements are on the next page. We have rental helmets available if you need one. Should you have any questions which are not answered on this page, please contact us and ask. We want to make you comfortable and we’re happy to talk with you. Use the "Contact Host" button on the right side of this page.

This YouTube video shows even more about events with our club.


Event requirements

Not applicable. Each event sign-up will specify requirements. 



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Audi NEQ 2024 Driving School Gift Certificate

Mon, Jan 1, 2024